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8 Things Wine Bloggers Did Right in 2013

Wine Consumer Magazine, Sean Piper

(This article is brought to you by people who think Steve Matthiasson is a great winemaker)




Wine bloggers did a fantastic job in 2013. Here is my list of things they did right:


1.       We Appreciate Creative Interviews

In contrast to a particular article that I recently read, I think even pets can offer an interesting and comedic interview. In 2013, bloggers did some great interviews and kept the exchange entertaining and enlightening.




2.      Who Doesn't Love Modernizing the Vernacular

Wine bloggers helped us "peeps" connect with the Sommelier by propagating the shortened version of the title and by use of the word, "Somm" -And- I agree with you. Somm is easier to say and makes the title a bit more human. Since we are on the topic, “Mixologist” also adds an inventive element to the traditional Barkeep name. Thanks for using both; it keeps readers engaged and let's be honest, it shows you care.




3.       Lists - We Love Them

We care about lists. In fact, some of the best lists ever came from 2013. Lists are such an approachable way for busy people to get the necessary info quickly and 2013’s lists made good use of our time.  You don’t have to be an exceptional writer to make a great list. All you need are good ideas. That said, I just want to add that the only list I wish I would have seen last year was a list of reasons why Raj Parr should be a winemaker. Oh well, there’s always 2014.




4.      Just Because It's Under $15 Doesn't Make It Bad

Wine bloggers knocked it out of the park with this one. There were so many informative write-ups of worthy wines under $15 and even more of excellent wines under $25. Let’s just be frank: these wines exist and bloggers do the wine world a service by pointing them out when they find them.




5.       Social Media Is A Wine Platform You Can't Ignore

There’s much, much more to say about social media. Heck, all the smart wine bloggers know it so please keep writing about it. The Internet is still young and, quite honestly, we’re all still figuring it out.  Any insights you have, I'm all ears.  As for social media, you know what? It sells wine too! Yep, it sure does. Anyone who thinks otherwise should prove their point by not using it at all - or dare I say, stop going online altogether and see what happens. I'm guessing it would look a little like a non-violent protest - slash -technology hunger strike. Let us know how it goes via “snail-mail.”




6.      Oh Those Wonderful Winery Pets, They're Discerning Too

Thanks for letting the winery dogs, cats, squirrels, and all the other creatures in on the winery action. Thanks. That is all.




7.      Let There Be Terroir

Thank you for writing about where the grapes are grown and where the wine is made, and all the intricate details that go along with it. These are probably two of the most important things in wine and can be summed-up with the word “Terroir” (a french loanword meaning “land”). Bloggers have correctly surmised that land is important to wine makers and wine consumers.




8.      Pictures, People, and More, Oh My!

Wine bloggers post some pretty legit pictures of people, wines, food, and places. Sure, they aren't shot by professionals but it doesn't make them any less fun to look at. Thank you for putting all your beautiful faces into the mix too.




So, in closing, I say keep up the smart chatter in 2014. Appreciate those doing it. Promise to keep inviting us in to your perspective. You are making the wine world more colorful and if we are going to be real here, we enjoy every second of it.