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Elton Slone: Wine Person of Excellence | Winter to Spring 2015

Wine Consumer Magazine, Staff

elevator [el-uh-vey-ter]

noun 1. a person or thing that elevates or raises.

Elton Slone, President and CEO at Robert Craig Winery in the Napa Valley, lifts our wine love to high places.

As far as winery CEOs go, Elton Slone is pretty rad:

- Wine consumers love him

- Wine Consumers love the wines he produces

- His consumer outreach efforts have significantly contributed to the promotion of the Howell Mountain AVA and Napa Valley wine region.

- 11+ years and he continues to lead the Robert Craig Winery to prestige and greatness

The wine consumers choose Elton Slone for the Wine Person of Excellence award Winter to Spring 2015.

Congratulations and cheers to you, Elton! You elevate our love for wine.

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