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Joe, Robert, Roberts, Joseph: Wine Person of Excellence | Spring to Summer 2015

Wine Consumer Magazine, Staff

Ever since we started doing the Wine Person of Excellence awards, two names kept popping up (actually, four very similar names). The names represent two unique individuals: wine guy, Robert Joseph, and wine "dude," Joe Roberts. You might see why they can get easily mixed up in the many nominations that we received. That's why the wine consumer panel decided to award them both.


Wine Guy, Robert Joseph (@robertjoseph):

As a wine author, wine educator, wine business consultant, wine industry commentator, and wine personality, Robert's contributions to the wine world are prolific and significant. He's a thinking man's wine thinker. But more than just his thoughts, his ability to apply himself in so many areas of wine makes him a force of excellence in the wine world.


1 Wine Dude, Joe Roberts (@1winedude):

The Wine Dude wine. Joe Roberts is a wine drinker's wine thinker. He's a voice in the wine world for level-headed lovers of wine who don't always go for the status quo. Through his blog,, and through many other media outlets (including Playboy), he's shared thoughts on an impressive range of wine topics over the years. If you really appreciate the goodness of wine and the greatness it brings to life, you'll definitely appreciate the sensibility and excellence of Joe's wine writing. He's an inspiring influence for the modern day wine consumer. And he's 1 cool wine dude.

So here's a win for all the Joes and Roberts of the wine world; two names that are now synonymous with wine excellence. Congratulations, dudes!