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"Which Winegrape Varieties are Grown Where?" is a great resource for every wine consumer interested in learning about where in the world winegrapes grow.  



A global emprical picture is a new and unique compendium of data on winegrape bearing areas by variety and region for 44 countries for the years 2000 and 2010.

A report summarizing the data is available as Wine Economics Research Centre Working Paper 0213, December 2013.

By Anderson, K. and N. Aryal, Database of Regional, National and Global Winegrape Bearing Areas by Variety, 2000 and 2010, Wine Economics Research Centre, University of Adelaide, December 2013.


"This database, for the first time, offers transparency across the world’s wine varieties and regions" says author and researcher Kym Anderson. Anderson is a pioneer in the study of the economics of wine.



Download a database online at: 

Download a free eBook

Detailed tables in e-book:

I. Country coverage [pdf 58 pages, 882KBExcel 333KB
II. Regional coverage of each country [pdf 17 pages, 187KB ; Excel 75KB]
III. Winegrape varietal coverage globally [pdf 193 pages, 2MB; Excel 578KB]
IV. Winegrape areas for world’s top varieties, by country [pdf 52 pages, 381KBExcel 178KB]
V. Winegrape areas and Varietal Intensity Indexes for national top 45 varieties [pdf 80 pages, 1MBExcel 432KB]
VI. Regional Varietal Intensity Indexes for world’s top varieties [pdf 89 pages, 1MBExcel 332KB]
VII. Index of Varietal Similarity, by region and country [pdf 43 pages, 644KBExcel 174KB]
VIII. Summary charts for each of the world’s top 50 varieties [pdf 50 pages, 3MBExcel 584KB]
IX. Summary charts for each of the 44 countries [pdf 44 pages, 3MBExcel 522KB]

Underlying data files
•    National and global file, 2000 and 2010 [Excel 375KB]
•    Detailed regional file for 44 countries, 2000 and 2010 [Excel 3455KB]