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Luiz Alberto: Wine Person of Excellence | Summer to Fall 2014

Wine Consumer Magazine, Staff

Standing out among the numerous nominations sent to WineConsumer through social media and direct message submissions, the Consumer Panel unanimously decided to honor one of the most prolific icons of the modern day wine community: The original wine-loving trendsetter, #winelover, LUIZ ALBERTO.

It's no surprise that Luiz rounds off the first year of the Wine Person of Excellence awards. He's been actively utilizing technology to advocate wine love for well over a decade. And how exciting the years have been leading into the creation of the namesake #winelover community that Alberto founded alongside another Wine Person of Excellence, Andre Riberinho (2014 Spring/Summer).

If there's a perfect way to describe the glory that is Luiz Alberto, it's this: World Love for All Things Great About Wine, People, and Places.

And also this picture...

Congratulations and cheers to you, Luiz!

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(Top photo credit to Karin Luize De Carvalho)