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Paso Wine Man, Casey Biggs: Wine Person of Excellence Award (Winter to Spring 2014)

Wine Consumer Magazine, Staff

Wine Consumer magazine is proud to announce the recipient of the Wine Consumer Seal of Excellence award for "Wine Person of Excellence".

After carefully considering numerous nominations, a panel of Five randomly selected wine consumers, commisioned by Wine Consumer magazine, unanimously awarded the Winter to Spring 2014 honor to one individual who embodies the spirit of wine excellence.  

His commitment to excellence and advocacy on behalf of wine consumers everywhere, makes him a "Service Innovator" in wine.


The Winter to Spring 2014 Wine Consumer Seal of Excellence award goes to...


  • He makes wine taste better simply by looking at it
  • He once opened a bottle of wine using a horse shoe and never broke the horse's gallop
  • His hair smells like Madagascar vanilla and American oak with a hint of Dutch lavender
  • He uses the Jedi mind trick on wine critics: "These are not the flavonoids you are looking for."
  • He strolls through the vineyards and veraison begins

He is the most interesting Wine Person of Excellence in the world.