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Putting the Wine Consumer In Charge

American Wine Consumer Coalition,

One would have to admit to experiencing a spell of brute naïveté to imagine, even for brief moment, that the business and politics of wine might be organized around something other than a powerful, moneyed, manipulative class of interests. Reason, reality and history blunt that idea.

So, let’s not think it.

Instead, let’s imagine a business and politics of wine organized around a different powerful, moneyed, manipulative class of interests than currently dominates the wine marketplace.

Let’s imagine the consumer, instead of producers, retailers and wholesalers, wielding the power and the money in wine and doing the manipulating of the marketplace.

The same authority that organizes and regulates the current marketplace structure for wine would necessarily create the basis for this imaginary world in which the consumer, rather than the trade, is in charge of the wine marketplace: That is, the state and its regulatory levers. But to fully understand how this now-imaginary wine marketplace might be put in place, it’s required that we understand how the current system of regulating and governing the alcohol market came into being.

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