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Revolutionary Wine Stemware Takes Wine Appreciation to Next Level

Wine Consumer Magazine, Pearl Shallot

They're calling it a revolutionary idea that combines the best of two worlds: taste and aroma. Peipel Stemware created a wine glass to do just that. The innovative dual-purpose wine glass concept was born from scientific data and research, and is designed to isolate the components of flavor and bouquet. By holding a different wine in two separate chambers of the same glass, Peipel Stemware gives wine consumers the ability to experiment with unlimited wine taste and aroma combinations.

"I want to change the perceptions and expand the possibilities of wine appreciation" says, Sean Piper, the inventor of the multi-sensory wine glass.

There's no doubt he's doing it; millennial wine consumers are happily embracing this new idea. Wine Consumer magazine has yet to test this concept in a consumer panel, but plans are in the works to find out what consumers think about it, and if it indeed creates a new dimension of taste/aroma combinations.

...We'll report back.

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