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Seduced by Pinot Noir, Once Again, Wilfred Wong

I kept this wine in my vinotemp for several months, I was already warned that it was something special. I was so afraid of opening it that I just kept it out of my mind. Today I had to taste its cellarmates- the 2011 Meiomi, the 2010 Los Alturas Vineyard and the 2010 Clark & Telephone (one of my all time favorites). I had not spent much time with the Taylor Lane Vineyard so I had no emotional ties to this one. What a way to start a Monday morning!

Photo: Wilfred Wong (2013)

I started with the Meiomi, which proved to pretty fine. Ripe, round and smooth, this wine has a lot to offer. Well balanced and fine, this would be a favorite wherever it was poured. Next, I took a liking to the Las Alturas Vineyard. Yup, this was pretty fine, too. A bit firmer than the aforementioned. Now it was time to take a look at the Clark & Telephone. Impressive, yes it was. Loaded with pretty berry aroma and flavors; superior balance and structure; a lot of kudos on the yum scale. Finally, it was me and the Taylor Lane Vineyard. Wow, what a great wine. Made me stand up for a moment, before plopping back into my chair, this is a stunning wine and could easily be one of California’s top Pinot Noirs of the year.

When forced to confront Pinot Noirs, one must never be too shy, just let this varietal take you on its own journey ride! My ride, the magnificent 2010 Belle Glos Taylor Lane Vineyard, started a few months ago and has now come to this…a high rating on my yum scale!