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The Wine Consumer Tasting Panel: Official Consumer Wine Awards

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This super simple infographic explains the Wine Consumer Tasting Panel and Official Consumer Wine Awards...

The Wine Consumer Tasting Panel and the Official Consumer Wine Awards...

Program Overview -

The Wine Consumer Star program provides consumer recognition and endorsement for wines in three different categories: Value, Quality, and Best of Best (Gold Star). The Star program relies on wine consumer tasting panels in order to obtain an unbiased, controlled, and collective consensus result. The following points illustrate the Star program ideals: 

  • Program utilizes volunteer consumer panelists to judge wine quality 
  • Age (over 21, of course), gender, level of wine knowledge, or professional background is not a factor in selecting Consumer Panelists
  • Program does not produce a “rating” for wines, rather, it classifies wines within three categories 
  • Only the wines unanimously chosen by consumer panelists obtain Star awards; there are no losers and wines that do not receive awards are not identified to the public 
  • Program produces standardized results for the benefit of wine consumers around the world 
  • Program illustrates a sampling of local consumer opinions about their local/regional wines 
  • Program promotes wine excellence by identifying and rewarding quality and value

Who knows? -maybe you'll be selected to taste and judge your local wines. It's YOUR local wine and YOUR consumer voice that really matter to us.