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VinoMax Wine Aerator | Wine Consumer Magazine Product Review

Wine Consumer Magazine, Staff

We've used a lot of wine aerators over the years and as far as the wine consumers here are concerned, the VinoMax Triple Aerator can handle any wine you pour into it.

The VinoMax is super simple to use--just pour right into it. 

It's durable and easy to clean, but most important, it works. We tested several young, tannic wines in the VinoMax and each one opened up immediately after passing through the triple aeration system.

The Wine Consumer testers agreed, this aerator deserves the Wine Consumer Star for Quality.

It's built with solid construction and sure to stand years of use without fail.  If you want an aerator that looks like art and performs like magic, look no further than the VinoMax.

$45.95 retail price.

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