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Wine Consumer Seal of Excellence: Wine Person of Excellence Awards (Fall 2013)

Wine Consumer Magazine, Staff



Wine Consumer magazine is proud to announce the recipients of the Wine Consumer Seal of Excellence award for "Wine Person of Excellence".

Carefully filtering through numerous nominations, a panel of wine consumers, commisioned by Wine Consumer magazine, awarded the Fall 2013 honors to five individuals who embody the spirit of wine excellence. They are the "Thinkers and Innovators" in wine.

The Fall 2013 Wine Consumer Seal of Excellence awards go to...


Jancis Robinson OBE, MW:

 She courageously goes where no man has gone before. Her voyages are enterprising epics of wine knowledge which invite every wine consumer along for the journey. She is an oracle of ideas, an atlas of wine appreciation, and a leader of wine-love... She's an international wine person of excellence.,


Steve Heimoff, Wine Writer/Critic/Author:

The sheer power of his thoughts are enough to create tsunamis of enological emotion that carry wine passion to every distant shore. His writings are profound, his ideas are powerful and his work is prolific and meaningful. He is one of the most important thinkers in wine.,


Tom Wark, Executive Director, American Wine Consumer Coalition:

Armed with a mission and a vision, he bravely challenges oppressive, anti-consumer laws that inhibit freedom and choice. He uses intelligence and experience, standing steadfast on the frontline of interests for all American wine consumers. He is a fearless force of ideas backed by wisdom, vigilantly advocating for wine consumer rights in America.,


Paul Mabray, Chief Strategy Officer, Vintank:

 His ideas are like the brightness of a million light bulbs going off simultaneously, furiously networking through a futuristic vinscape. His work connects many “dots”, and those dots, in turn, connect the wine world. His innovations make simplicity out of complexity, simplifying the wine business for all of us. He is one of the most “excellent” innovators in wine today.


Wilfred Wong, Chief Story-teller,

 The impact of his opinions sail a thousand ships….shipments full of wine, that is. He tirelessly analyzes, judges, researches, and documents on a level that few in the world can truly fathom. He's an undisputed wine-tasting champion. The quality and consistency of his contributions to wine easily make him the consumer's choice for the Wine Person of Excellence award. Wine.Com