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Here's what wine consumers are drinking and recommending this weekend:

1. 2009 Terra Vina - Malbec

“You need a big wine (for a big meal)”…”I chose an 09 Terra Vina Malbec.” –KD



2. 2011 Prestige des Hautes Garrigues - Gigondas Red

“Gigondas tonight...” –VW



3. 2011 Challis Lane - Cabernet Sauvignon - California

“Shane, the store's asst mgr is a big fan of this wine. A really tasty wine at $9.95”—WW



4. 2003 Williams Selyem - Blanc De Noir / 2011 Mad Housewife -Sweet Red

“The choices of great wines in Sonoma County astonishes me. What to drink, what to drink?”—JM



5. 2011 Masseria Li Veli - Askos Susumaniello - Salento IGT

"Su-su-su-su-maniello!" —JH

Join us here next Friday and share your wine consumer choice!

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